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Monaghan, Ireland





  • Recommission old pasteurizer

  • Upgrade PLC

  • Install our HMI solution


Milk Pasteurizer

LacPatrick is a dairy company headquartered outside Monaghan Town, Co. Monaghan.

During the milk-processing procedure, milk undergoes pasteurization, homogenization, and separation before it is ready to move onto microfiltration and packaging. Accurate and precise monitoring and control must be achieved for a successful product. LacPatrick had a plant running manually because their automation system wasn’t working.

Customer requirement:

  • Replace old and outdated PLC and I/O modules with newer technology.

  • Update SCADAs and install our software.

  • Four day lead time for the electrician to install the new PLC and reconnect the hardware, and for MWCS to upload the software and test the plant.

MWCS during project :

  • In the week leading up to the project, the SCADAs and software were prepared so that no time was wasted on site with the plant not running.

  • MWCS assisted the electrician with fault finding and made soft copies of how they wired the I/O modules for future maintenance support.

  • While the hardware was being wired, our engineers checked the drawings provided to us against what was actually on site to avoid any confusion or misspent time.

  • Every I/O was tested individually within a 12-hour period by putting our team on two separate shifts to increase efficiency and get the plant operational ASAP.

  • After everything had been tested individually, we ran water through the plant automatically to ensure the programs were working smoothly.

  • After the first batch of milk to be processed was monitored and our engineers were satisfied with how the plant was running, we showed the LacPatrick operators how to use the SCADA.

Result of project :

  • Before the project had started, LacPatrick was using a 20-year-old PLC and they were unable to run their plant automatically.

  • Now every part of their milk processing procedure is automated using new and supported equipment.

  • Because MWCS prepared as much of the project before arriving on site as possible and we worked from Friday to Monday, only two working days were lost by LacPatrick.


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