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We know that world-class brewing and distilling starts with a world class system. MW Control Solutions has engineered and built systems for some of the world’s most demanding clients in the field. Our system’s design and equipment installation are found in the United States, Europe, and Grenada.

We provide turn-key support from start to finish. We will help with distillery and brewery layout, floor plan design, and brewery equipment installation, culminating in a beautiful, highly efficient operation. MW Control Solutions offers expert support for the life of your brewery from our in-house staff of engineers and technicians.


MW Control Solutions is able to leverage our extensive knowledge and depth of relationships to provide our clients with the best quality brewing and distilling equipment form around the world. Whether the system requires the latest tanks, fermenters, still or washing system MW Control Solutions can provide the best components.


Automated manufacturing is an essential component of any modern industrial distillery. This is easily operated through a menu system defined for each customer. Also, reports and summary information can be agreed upon and pre-set in appropriate formats. Training and technical support is given for the operation and maintenance of the PLC controls.


When planning a complete brewing and distillery project, the initial process is the design of the manufacturing facilities; the finalized drawings dictate the requirements of the equipment needed, the mechanical and electrical fit out, the set-up required for the PLC controls to automate manufacturing, time frame, and the budget.


Regardless of the size or cost of any project, we test thoroughly to ensure that the systems are working correctly and maximize the potential of the process. All systems are tested and validated for functionality, fault reaction, data logging, and operator interface. Detailed process modeling is achieved by using our vast library of standard plant devices. Our testing allows clients to see their process working before we install it. The system’s reaction to faults can be observed, and reports and data logs can be produced during testing. Records of testing are also kept so our clients can see what was tested, when it was tested, and by whom, allowing full traceability.


After sales support, no matter how well planned a complete distilling system is, it is essential to have a team of technical experts on-hand when it is initially commissioned at the distillery to tweak certain elements to assure optimal performance of the system. MW Control Solutions works on-site during this post-commissioning stage as part of our core service to guarantee a successful output for the customer. We also fine-tune PLC controls so that clients harness the full benefits of industrial automation.

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