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Turnkey 40bbl 3-vessel Brewhouse with 5bbl 2-vessel pilot/small batch system


Channelside Brewing


Tampa, FL


MW Control Solutions was contracted for a complete turnkey supply and installation of the following fully automated, recipe-driven equipment:

  • 40bbl 3-Vessel Brewery

  • 5bbl 2-Vessel Pilot/Small Batch Brewery

  • 100bbl CLT/HLT

  • 40-80bbl Cellar Tanks

  • Grain Silo, Super Sack, Specialty Hopper, ChainVey conveying system, Vacuum-Blower for high speed grain transfer

  • Boiler/Chiller

  • Full automation from grain to cellar

Our scope for installation and commissioning of the above equipment included the following:

  • Engineered floor plans and full plant P&ID

  • Procurement, Shipping/Rigging of all Parts/Equipment

  • Dual chiller setup with GF Cool-Fit PE Plus glycol piping system

  • Boiler with custom steam piping

  • Sanitary Welding of all Process Pipework

  • Mechanical Engineering with full installation

  • Electrical Engineering with MCC panel and automation hardware, including wiring of all pumps, motors, rakes, mill, conveying, etc

  • Plumbing of water supply

  • Full automation controls for both breweries, as well as the cellar

  • Site management and training of staff on our automated control system


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