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Corporate Ladder Brewing Fermenter Delivery
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Cellar Expansion and Automation


Corporate Ladder Brewing Company


Palmetto, FL - USA


MW Control Solutions supplied 4x 10bbl fermenters to facilitate cellar expansion. After rigging/placement, the existing glycol header was re-routed with drops to facilitate cooling of the new tanks. The entire cellar was then upgraded with our automation controls, accessible by a new touchscreen HMI/SCADA and with remote access. Our scope included the following:

Decommissioning of Original Brewhouse

  • Procurement of new Fermenters and supporting Parts/Equipment

  • Transport/Rigging/Placement of Equipment

  • Engineered floor plans and glycol system

  • New chiller supplied with GF Cool-Fit PE Plus glycol piping system

  • Sanitary Welding of all new Process Pipework

  • Mechanical Engineering with full installation

  • Electrical Engineering with electrical panel and automation hardware,

  • Full automation controls for the cellar

  • Site management and training of staff on our automated control system


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