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Brew Hub


Complete Re-Automation of Brewery


Brew Hub - 100bbl Brewery


3900 S Frontage Rd,

Lakeland, FL 33815 USA


Brew Hub contracted MW Control Solutions for complete plant automation. They needed improved functionality from their control system to expand operations. MW Control Solutions installed our automation control system onto their existing hardware, completed a Factory Acceptance Test, created a custom HMI/SCADA specific to Brew Hub's plant, and trained all their staff on our new platform. Our scope for installation and commissioning included the following:

  • Full Plant P&ID

  • Procurement of all Parts/Equipment needed

  • Sanitary Welding of additional Process Pipework required

  • Mechanical Engineering with full installation

  • Electrical Engineering with MCC panel and automation hardware, including re-wiring and testing of all pumps, motors, rakes, mill, conveying, etc

  • Full automation controls both the brewery and the cellar

  • Site management and training of staff on our automated control system

Successful re-automation resulted in increased functionality, custom requested on-the-fly access to recipe controls, fully automated grain handling from silos and supersacks to the mill and grist hopper, sequenced recipe-driven automation controls, and a fully automated cellar with remote access, alarms, data collection and trending reports.


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